Friday, February 29, 2008

Hat Life - 1 Day....AAAAAAARGGGGG

Yesterday I posted the new hubby hat. He tried it on, it fit, but he said can you wash it. Well, yes but for what reason I don't know. He thought the knitting was a little loose and it would tighten up. HAHAHAHAHA. Little did we know.

I throw it in the washer and agitate. The hat comes out twice as big as it went it. What's going on here? So I throw it in again with some mittens and agitate some more. A few phone calls later I pull it out.....OH is now a felted hat for a small child. NO HAT FOR HUBBY. I don't think he is meant to have a hand knitted hat from me. Maybe I can add some crocheted flowers and give it to one of the granddaughters. What do you think?

The OWool mittens turned out just great. They fit me perfect now.

Well, on to my next great adventure with knitting!!!

4 comments: said...

Love those mittens, Debby. Really pretty. You asked on my blog about the yarn I used for the Beribboned Bonnet--it was organic wool I got from Green Mountain Spinnery. I think they call it New Mexico Organic. Wouldn't recommend it though, actually, because for a baby it is not soft enough, even after a soak with woolwash and hair conditioner. So . . . good luck with your next hat for hubby!!!

monica said...

I think it would look cute with some flowers on it. Too bad it got too small for him though.

Love the mittens.

zippiknits said...

Boy you never really know what surprise felting will hand out that day. Sheesh. But then the little hat is adorable for a child. And, now you know how to make them. There's that bright little side. Flowers would make it very sweet, entirely.

Thanks for your comments on the jello dye over yonder. I think you will like it because it smells so good.

Anni said...

LOL. A hat for your granddaughter sound perfect. Love the mittens.