Friday, February 8, 2008

How Hard Can It Be?

I have made hats, big hats, little hats, felted hats. I even had a hat pattern published. So, my husband wants a knitted hat. I take some Thirteen Mile Bulky in a nice beige color that I think he will like. He likes no pom poms here..hehe. I cast on and knit a few rows. For some reason the hat is too small. Frog it. Start again. Do a few rows in stockinette and then a few garter stitch rows. The rim turns up and it looks entirely too feminine. He will never wear this. Frog again. Ok, so I will make a nice ribbing for the rim of the hat. Knit, knit, knit, take a look. Duh, what a dummy. Knit 2, purl 2, only I ended with a knit 2. That does not make a nice ribbing (I knew that, didn't I?). Frog again.

Ok, I have cast on again with the right number of stitches for size and ribbing. at least 10 rows far, so good. Wish me luck that my vanilla husband likes this hat.

PS: I love the picture of my youngest granddaughter Hannah in her eyelash hat!


monica said...

What a cutie your granddaughter is. I have made several of the eyelash hats in wild colors to donate to childrens hospitals for kids getting chemo. They seem to love the crazy hats. I hate knitting with the stuff though.

I hope your husband will like the hat. I made a plain black Misti Alpaca hat for mine and my daughter has worn it more than he has.

Holly said...

Hannah is absolutely beautiful....but, you probably already know that.

Anni said...

Cute hats.

zippiknits said...

Hats are hard to figure out! I think men have differently shaped heads than the rest of the human race. shhhh.. don't tell any of them.. hehe The kids hats (and that little kid!) are very cute!

Thanks for your comments about the flowers. They were all at the Balboa Park Botanical Building in December, and some of mine are finally blooming. So If I get some pictures to turn out, I'll show some of my little plain janes.