Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Lucky I am!!

This is what I see when I take my little dog for a walk. How lucky am I to live in a safe place where walking outside is not dangerous. I know this is impossible in many places in this world.

Here are my latest projects.

The first is a baby sweater made with Nature's Palette wool/silk lace which we will be getting in the store very soon. It is most wonderful to knit....I LOVE IT! This pattern is my own creation.

The second is my first lace shawl done in JKnits DK weight. I bought the pattern from Vicki Mikulak, Celtic Hearts Shawl and the yarn is in our store here. I thought a dk weight would be great to start with and next I will go with the lace yarn.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying nice spring weather. We are, finally, here in the south.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm lost

My desktop computer is sick. It can't keep itself on for long....virus? power source problems? I don't know. I really need a computer doctor. Called Geek Squad and they wanted $369 to come out and fix the problem. Seems high to me but I have a poor sick computer, so how much is it worth? I could buy a new computer for $600-$700. I am using my laptop right now but all my pictures and other info is on the poor old sick desktop so no pictures today. This is a wireless computer but I can't figure out how to link it to my desktop information. I am a poor excuse for a computer user!. What do you do when your computer gets sick?

Well, I guess I will talk a little knitting here. We are having a contest on Take a quiz on your footprint on this earth and email us the results at and be put in a drawing for 4 skeins (2 colors) of OWool organic sock yarn. Enough to make 2 pairs of organic socks. How cool is that!!

What are you knitting? I am working on my first lace project and I am using dk weight JKnits and I am really enjoying it. I will be ready for lace weight yarn after I finish this one. My project is a shawl with the dk weight so I feel I will wear it more than just a fine lace shawl. Will get a picture of it as soon as my poor desktop gets well.

Well, signing off for now. Please send health energy to my computer...I'm lost without it.

PS: We are having a heavy frost tonight. Very cold for Georgia this time of year. I brought in all my plants and ficus so the house is green inside. How's your weather?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WIPs or UFOs

I went through my stuff the other day and here are some things I found. Now, are these WIPs or UFOs? These, my friends are UFOs.

Have you ever wondered what might be the difference in WIPs and UFOs.

Just by being an object means it's "something" that probably is not on needles, maybe on holders, most likely without a pattern anywhere to be seen. These objects will be in a bag or closet somewhere waiting to be frogged or heaven forbid, thrown away. This would be a UFO (Unfinished Object).

WIPs (Works in Progress) are on needles, have a pattern with them and can be expected to be finished at some time in the future. If not finished or if the project is taken off the needles (needles being needed to start a new project) they will become UFOs. Here are some WIPS.

It seems I have several of both. Now what should I do with them?

My UFOs are sock yarns, felting yarns, organic yarns, fat yarns, skinny yarns. Time for frogging. I think I will frog them all and start a lengthwise scarf with the remains of the UFOs.

My WIPs will be put in orderly fashion and beginning with the most important (those to be gifts) they will become FOs, Finished Objects. The thrill of a finished object can overcome the guilt of a pile of I will rid myself of guilt and start finishing those WIPs.

How many WIPS and UFOs do you have?