Thursday, February 28, 2008

Done and to be Done

Well, the hat is done. Simple, plain and just what my husband ordered and it fits. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest. Well, the hat is very warm and we are freezing here in the South this week. Yesterday morning the temperature was 27 and it felt like 12. Right now it is 36 but feels like 29....Burrrrr. For us here, that is really, really cold. Our warm blood doesn't adapt well to the Cold.

Anyway, here is the next hat, Thorpe. Now to figure out which bulky yarn to use.

To be Done: I am working on a blanket. It seems I like blankets and hats. Not sure how this got started but that's what I'm into right now. At least until my next obsession starts.

This blanket is made with OWool Organic Worsted in Sky and Lorna's Laces Worsted in Child's Play. It really looks good in person but it's very hard to photograph as it wants to ripple with the camera. Not sure how big it will end up. Just keep knitting rounds until it's the size I want. Of course, all these yarns are from The Yarn Grove.


monica said...

I love the colors of the blanket. I have not knit with the O Wool Organic but I love, love , love Lorna's.
We dipped into the single digits last night but that is not too unusual for us.

Debby said...

Lorna's Laces and OWool work wonderful together. The OWool gives the blanket the strength and the Lorna's gives it much softness

Anni said...

the colours in the blanket are gorgeous and work so well together.