Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm lost

My desktop computer is sick. It can't keep itself on for long....virus? power source problems? I don't know. I really need a computer doctor. Called Geek Squad and they wanted $369 to come out and fix the problem. Seems high to me but I have a poor sick computer, so how much is it worth? I could buy a new computer for $600-$700. I am using my laptop right now but all my pictures and other info is on the poor old sick desktop so no pictures today. This is a wireless computer but I can't figure out how to link it to my desktop information. I am a poor excuse for a computer user!. What do you do when your computer gets sick?

Well, I guess I will talk a little knitting here. We are having a contest on Take a quiz on your footprint on this earth and email us the results at and be put in a drawing for 4 skeins (2 colors) of OWool organic sock yarn. Enough to make 2 pairs of organic socks. How cool is that!!

What are you knitting? I am working on my first lace project and I am using dk weight JKnits and I am really enjoying it. I will be ready for lace weight yarn after I finish this one. My project is a shawl with the dk weight so I feel I will wear it more than just a fine lace shawl. Will get a picture of it as soon as my poor desktop gets well.

Well, signing off for now. Please send health energy to my computer...I'm lost without it.

PS: We are having a heavy frost tonight. Very cold for Georgia this time of year. I brought in all my plants and ficus so the house is green inside. How's your weather?


Beth said...

Ack! I'm so glad you mentioned the freeze tonight. I have so many things I need to cover. Good luck with your computer problems.

monica said...

When my computer gets sick I am very fortunate to have a hubby that has a computer engineer degree. Mine was sick not too long ago and I was going crazy without it for just less than 24 hours. How sad is that.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your lace. What pattern are you using??

Weather.... it has been very Spring like here the last few days. And we had the first earthquake in about 20+ years or so today.

Debby said...

Monica, the pattern is Celtic Hearts Shawl by Vicki Mikulak. I bought it from her blog site but it's in my favorites on the sick computer. Going to try pictures on the wireless today.

monica said...

Debby, my computer hubby says it sounds like it is either overheating or has a power source problem. Wish I could be more help.

Anonymous said...

My computer gets sick a lot. Sometimes I think it is sick of Me. HaHaHa. You can't hit them, like the old TV's that you could knock and the picture was fine. OOOOO, the good old days.
I like your name, 'Foggy Knitter', sounds kind of like my life. I will definately be checking back here. ^ . ^