Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Lucky I am!!

This is what I see when I take my little dog for a walk. How lucky am I to live in a safe place where walking outside is not dangerous. I know this is impossible in many places in this world.

Here are my latest projects.

The first is a baby sweater made with Nature's Palette wool/silk lace which we will be getting in the store very soon. It is most wonderful to knit....I LOVE IT! This pattern is my own creation.

The second is my first lace shawl done in JKnits DK weight. I bought the pattern from Vicki Mikulak, Celtic Hearts Shawl and the yarn is in our store here. I thought a dk weight would be great to start with and next I will go with the lace yarn.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying nice spring weather. We are, finally, here in the south.


Alice from Italy said...

hello, i'm Alice from Italy and i'm coming here from another blog. I love the cute baby sweater!

monica said...

The baby sweater is adorable. Great job.

And I love the shawl in progress. The color is wonderful with that pattern.

Beth said...

Your azaleas look beautiful! Our are really full this year and my lilac has lots of blooms, too. This all makes up for my allergy problem. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, oh those flowers are beautiful! Nice that you can have a safe place to walk and enjoy nature.What kind of dog do you have? Love the shawl also, and the color. ((((Many blessings.)))

Holly said...

What a beautiful picture of the flowers you visit on your walk.
I, also, am grateful for the community I live in. I walk when and where I want and am never nervous.

It's good to remember that's a blessing not everyone enjoys.

Anonymous said...

Holly, I looked at you site and it is very nice. I had to tell you I love that green sweater. It is awesome! I love the size and anything with hoods on them. Very nice.
Gem, ^- -^

Anonymous said...

Hi, to all the animal lovers out there, I just wanted to give a brief rememberance to "Eight Belles " who lost her life Saturday at the Kentucky Derby. She gave her all, finished second place. And then the tragic news that she had broke both her front ankles. I'm sure she is running free somewhere now, in fields of clover.
Sometimes I think I have learned more from watching animals. What a blessing they have been in my own life.
Run now "Eight Belles", you are free. ((((((blessings)))))

zippiknits said...

What a pretty baby sweater, really lovely! And the azaleas.. eye popping. I know what you mean about "safe to walk". Our neighborhood is a little safer than it used to be.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your blog. When are you coming back? I hope all is well.